Author: Andrew Hermann

Staffing Lifecycle Management: A New Framework for the Talent Economy

Executive Overview The world of talent recruitment, acquisition, and management is one of constant change and increasing complexity. Facing a hyper-competitive business environment, organizations are presented with the challenge of scaling their workforces at speed, while also maintaining a high level of quality and productivity. Furthermore, businesses are also expected to adopt new technology and adapt in real-time to global business conditions by hiring top-level technology talent to lead the charge.   But sourcing, acquiring, and retaining talent has never been more challenging. With approximately 75 million “baby boomers” on the cusp of retirement, and a new wave of highly […]

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Tunnel Vision: Why Tech’s “Next Big Thing” Doesn’t Matter Anymore

15-Second Overview: Focusing on only one trending piece of technology is no longer relevant in 2019 There are several emerging areas of IT to consider collectively Implementing and Integrating these technologies is a major challenge magnified by the current IT skills shortage   Here in Portland and across the country, businesses are constantly looking to the future of technology, with one foot in today and the other in tomorrow. As a result, it’s tempting to latch on to an exciting tech trend and ignore how it interacts with other innovations. While blockbuster advancements in big data, AI, and the cloud […]

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The 2019 IT Certifications That Will Boost Your Career

Ready to enhance your skill set, beat resume-scanning ATS systems, and land coveted interviews or promotions? As you seek to manage and advance your tech career, consider pursuing the following 2019 IT certifications based on your niche or career level.   Cloud Certifications Whether a business wishes to transition to the cloud for the first time or wants to upgrade their cloud presence, they need the talent that can make it happen efficiently and safely. That’s why employer interest in candidates with cloud skills has risen 33% in just three years. To hone your cloud skills, consider: AWS Certified Solutions […]

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