Author: Valerie Ebinger

Expectations vs. Reality: Why Tech Pros Leave and How to Retain Them

15-Second Overview: A recent large study uncovered the reasons tech pros cite for leaving roles The top reason was a lack of growth opportunities, something surveyed managers did not realize In light of the data, increasing retention can happen by ensuring tech pro expectations meet a role’s realities   It’s natural for businesses to want happy employees who can enjoy work, be productive, and stay for the long haul. Despite this simple desire, a recent survey of over 5,000 respondents shows nearly half of companies struggle to retain their tech talent. Why is that the case, and how can changing […]

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The Short Tenure of Tech Pros: Problem or Opportunity?

15-Second Overview The average tenure of an IT pro in the biggest tech companies is less than two years Societal and economic shifts have created a new Talent Economy, increasing mobile and independent working options Employers must adapt to this new environment to maintain success in IT hiring   It’s clear that the tenure of tech pros in 2018 is shorter than ever. Take a look at the biggest names in the industry such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, and the tenure of their average employee is less than two years. What’s less clear to many organizations is why this […]

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