Author: Yarub Al-Ahmad

Is Your Cloud Leaking Data? Consider These Best Practices for Monitoring Your Cloud

15-Second Overview: Constantly monitoring the cloud environment is a requirement for modern businesses Creating incident response plans and backing up data play key roles in that process Attending to updates, patches, and bug fixes may be the most important step for long-term cloud success It isn’t an easy feat to properly migrate to the cloud, but setting up your new environment is only half the battle. Technology changes over time and needs maintenance. Vulnerabilities are discovered, and they need patching. Software requires updating. Then, of course, hackers become more sophisticated with new and robust tools that penetrate networks like never […]

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Cloud Migration Steps: Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Your Business

15-Second Overview: Migrating to the cloud requires many steps and considerations for proper execution Reviewing common strategies and integrations is an integral part of the process Maintaining security and adhering to a timeline are essential practices but are easy to overlook Once you’ve decided that cloud migration is right for your organization, it’s time to figure out what steps will make it happen. As with most things in IT, this is easier said than done. 95% of IT pros have migrated critical applications or infrastructures to the cloud before, but that represents less than 10% of their organizations’ portfolios. Cloud […]

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5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Move to the Cloud

15-Second Overview: Migrating to the cloud is an attractive proposition, but business leaders must determine if it’s actually the right move for their company Making that important decision requires answering five foundational questions Doing so ensures your environment and workforce is prepared for cloud success The cloud has dominated news cycles for so long that it can be overwhelming for businesses considering a cloud migration to get their bearings. Rather than immediately diving into complex and specific cloud decisions that are best reserved for deeper in the process, it’s necessary to first consider if cloud computing is even right for […]

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