Author: Yarub Al-Ahmad

5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Move to the Cloud

15-Second Overview: Migrating to the cloud is an attractive proposition, but business leaders must determine if it’s actually the right move for their company Making that important decision requires answering five foundational questions Doing so ensures your environment and workforce is prepared for cloud success The cloud has dominated news cycles for so long that it can be overwhelming for businesses considering a cloud migration to get their bearings. Rather than immediately diving into complex and specific cloud decisions that are best reserved for deeper in the process, it’s necessary to first consider if cloud computing is even right for […]

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Case Study: Maximizing Performance & Compliance in the Cloud

Altering cloud operations is one of the most sensitive initiatives for a business to undertake. One wrong move when updating or migrating can cause catastrophic data loss that directly and negatively impacts the bottom line. It takes true cloud expertise to eliminate that risk and make cloud activity more efficient, scalable, and secure.   Likewise, financial organizations work with extremely sensitive information every day. Trust is essential to their continued operation, as one mistake or violation can cause irreparable damage. Combine financial technology, or FinTech, with the cloud, and the cumulative risk is often too great for internal IT departments […]

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