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The Short Tenure of Tech Pros: Problem or Opportunity?

15-Second Overview The average tenure of an IT pro in the biggest tech companies is less than two years Societal and economic shifts have created a new Talent Economy, increasing mobile and independent working options Employers must adapt to this new environment to maintain success in IT hiring   It’s clear that the tenure of tech pros in 2018 is shorter than ever. Take a look at the biggest names in the industry such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, and the tenure of their average employee is less than two years. What’s less clear to many organizations is why this […]

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How Do You Manage Your Gig Economy Tech Career?

15-Second Overview: There’s a new hiring landscape that affects technology professionals everywhere Tech pros who wish to thrive in a new era must adapt to today’s new environment It takes a strong network and hot skill set to achieve continued success in a gig economy   The rapid evolution of technology has changed the world as we know it, including the way we work. The birth and prevalence of the gig economy means today’s careers are different than they were just a few years ago, so much so that Forbes calls the 2018 career landscape a new marketplace entirely. Your […]

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How Your Company Can Prepare for the New Talent Economy

15-Second Overview: The Wall Street Journal recently discussed the importance of preparing for future workforces These important points require expansion and adoption by the c-suite and management for true success A proven strategy for connecting all the dots is the Staffing Lifecycle Management framework   Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal published an article containing a high-level view of how an organization can prepare for the workforces of the future. While it makes some excellent points, the mentality of creating a hiring roadmap adapted to the new Talent Economy is something that requires deeper consideration and holistic strategy.   […]

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