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What Diversity in Technology Means for CorSource and Portland

Imagine a workforce that is half women and half men with a strong minority representation. For those in the IT community, especially in Portland, that sounds like a pipe dream. But it’s the reality at CorSource.   We love being a leader in an amazing city and industry, and it’s time that diversity becomes a greater focus for companies truly looking to be morally responsible. For actual progress there must be less talk and more action. That’s been the CorSource mentality from the beginning, and why we’re fiercely determined to set the example for firms in Portland and across America. […]

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Strategies for Hiring in Tech: There Are More Options Than You Think

15-Second Overview: Hiring in IT is often approached with a one-track mind that further complicates matters Considering all options for filling a role such as permanent, contract, outsourced labor, and more is how the most successful companies hire in tech A holistic approach that determines the right combination for your company is the solution   Hiring is perhaps the most important activity for any company. Without robust talent acquisition that can keep roles fully staffed, even the best ideas and business goals cannot come to fruition. Many organizations are especially dependent on tech pros who are harder and harder to […]

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The Importance of Employer Branding in Portland’s IT Industry

15-Second Overview: Employer branding is an underused but important strategy for Portland employers Salary is not a differentiator in the technology industry Focus on building a great company culture and showing it off to attract top talent   The Portland technology industry is an exciting one for businesses, but a great deal of competition for talent comes with the territory. The gig economy is changing tech hiring in the area as managers deal with the continuous skills shortage in the field. Companies are turning to various strategies in order to capture the attention of talent and recruit them, but there […]

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