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The Importance of Employer Branding in Portland’s IT Industry

The Portland technology industry is an exciting one for businesses, but a great deal of competition for talent comes with the territory. The gig economy is changing tech hiring in the area as managers deal with the continuous skills shortage in the field. Companies are turning to various strategies in order to capture the attention of talent and recruit them, but there is one that is often ignored: employer branding in Portland can be your key to securing top tech talent.   Differentiation Means More Than Salary For growing companies especially, making themselves known to candidates in the Portland marketplace […]

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How to Efficiently Increase Productivity for Your Software Company

Your growing software company has tremendous potential. While it can be a thrilling time for any startup or medium-sized business looking to get to the next level, it’s also a volatile one. The decisions you make today are pivotal in determining whether you end up with a successful increase in software productivity or with a handful of burned-out developers. Every business may be unique, but there are a number of proven methods that can improve productivity.   Focus on Agility Smaller software companies have an advantage over larger ones in that they can often be more agile in their operations. […]

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Why Portland Is a Top City for Professional Networking in Tech

Portland is one of America’s most unique cities, regularly topping annual “best places to live” lists, and for tech pros, it’s easy to see why. The area is a great place to grow an IT career, and one reason for that is the abundance of opportunities for networking in tech. While landing your next role is not all about who you know, 70% of all jobs are found via professional networking, underscoring how vital it is to your long-term tech career. Here are the best opportunities for tech pros looking to better connect with the Portland IT community.   Startup […]

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