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Expectations vs. Reality: Why Tech Pros Leave and How to Retain Them

15-Second Overview: A recent large study uncovered the reasons tech pros cite for leaving roles The top reason was a lack of growth opportunities, something surveyed managers did not realize In light of the data, increasing retention can happen by ensuring tech pro expectations meet a role’s realities   It’s natural for businesses to want happy employees who can enjoy work, be productive, and stay for the long haul. Despite this simple desire, a recent survey of over 5,000 respondents shows nearly half of companies struggle to retain their tech talent. Why is that the case, and how can changing […]

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4 Creative Tech Recruiting Strategies that Land IT Pros

15-Second Overview: Hiring technology professionals has become difficult in today’s competitive environment Businesses must find innovative ways to capture attention and interest Effective recruiting strategies include streamlining procedures, showing off culture, focusing on training, and finding the right mix of talent   Technology may be one of the most challenging sectors for hiring, but that isn’t news to anyone in the industry. However, a surprising number of employers continue to use the same recruiting mentality they had a decade ago. Successful IT hiring today does not wait for the Talent Economy to change, but instead adapts to what has become […]

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Case Study: Maximizing Performance & Compliance in the Cloud

Altering cloud operations is one of the most sensitive initiatives for a business to undertake. One wrong move when updating or migrating can cause catastrophic data loss that directly and negatively impacts the bottom line. It takes true cloud expertise to eliminate that risk and make cloud activity more efficient, scalable, and secure.   Likewise, financial organizations work with extremely sensitive information every day. Trust is essential to their continued operation, as one mistake or violation can cause irreparable damage. Combine financial technology, or FinTech, with the cloud, and the cumulative risk is often too great for internal IT departments […]

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