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Gut vs. Data-Driven Decisions: What’s The Best?

Gut vs. Data-Driven Decisions: What’s The Best? Do you make business decisions based off of numbers and facts or experience and intuition? In today’s data-driven world where seven out of ten CIOs say data analytics is crucial to driving business, you might think that a gut feeling doesn’t play a big role when it comes to leading a company in the right direction. If you think emotions don’t belong in the workplace, then this next bit of news might surprise you. According to recent research by Time Inc.’s Fortune Knowledge Group and global advertising agency, Gyro, 61% of business leaders […]

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The Source Top 5 — July 2014

July 2014 Here’s the monthly installment of The Source Top 5, where CorSource brings you the best items we discovered this month in the world of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Enjoy! (1) Cloud analytics: fast value, pervasive impact According to Aberdeen’s 2014 Business Analytics survey, 23% of large enterprises (over $1 billion in annual revenue) have a cloud analytics solution currently implemented. An additional 26% have plans to implement a cloud solution in the future.  (2) Data – top of mind for executives Are your executives thinking about and planning their data governance and analytics strategy? If not, your company may […]

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Doing data analytics right with a clear strategy

Doing data analytics right with a clear strategy Implementing data analytics isn’t just a matter of installing a platform and letting your company’s users “go for it”. With this model, in practice, user engagement typically wanes after the honeymoon period because users are not getting enough value from the tool. You need a data analytics strategy. Here are some key factors that determine whether or not your Business Intelligence initiative will succeed. Combined with buy-in from leadership, following these increases your chances greatly: Don’t bite off the whole enchilada. Implement the tool in one area or a small group of […]

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The competitive edge to custom-built software

The competitive edge to custom-built software What gives Enterprise companies an additional competitive edge? For fast-growing enterprises like Facebook, writing their own software sets them apart. Considering Facebook is the 5th most valuable tech company in the U.S. (its market worth increased 150% within the last year to $184 billion), many enterprises would be wise to follow their lead. While buying the software you need seems like the easiest approach, it might not produce the results you want. And as you know, easier does not necessarily mean best. Think about your business strategy. What are the goals you want to […]

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The World Cup and data analysis

The World Cup and data analysis With our upcoming webinar, “Business Intelligence Through The Eyes of The World Cup”, people have been asking us what in the world BI and the World Cup have in common. On the surface, not much; but dig a little deeper and one discovers The World Cup to be a place rich with data. Looking at the data around this great soccer match, one starts to better understand data analysis and predictive intelligence, and how at times it can be accurate and at times not, depending on the data quality and sample size. In the […]

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