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Alleviating the Tech Talent Shortage by Improving Employee Retention

In today’s IT employment market, vacant positions greatly outnumber available professionals. The resulting tech talent shortage causes headaches for hiring managers trying to keep their businesses fully staffed. At the same time, one-third of new hires quit within the first six months. This underscores the rapid growth of the gig economy, where top professionals are changing jobs more often and electing to work in contingent positions. While strategies exist for locating qualified candidates and hiring faster, what if your organization had fewer open roles to fill? After all, every time someone leaves, that opens up a hard-to-fill position. If a […]

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Why Staffing Lifecycle Management Is the Future of Hiring in Technology

Take a look at Google, Apple, or any other wildly successful company, and they’ll all have at least one thing in common: a history of adapting to changing market conditions. Organizations must evolve in order to stay successful, and that especially holds true for those looking to secure talent in the midst of a distinct shift in the tech industry. Successful hiring in the field is increasingly reliant on a more strategic and holistic approach that addresses the modern state of the market. That’s why Staffing Lifecycle Management, a holistic framework for businesses hiring in tech, is the key.   […]

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How to Prepare for a Tech Job Interview and Negotiate Salary

There’s no question that it’s a very exciting time to be working in the tech field. Technology professionals are in strong demand, enjoying a low, 2.5% unemployment rate while seeing countless headlines about increasing tech salaries each week. However, landing your next great role is never effortless or guaranteed. You’re still going up against other highly skilled, highly desirable candidates. That’s why it’s important to strategically prepare for a tech job interview and know how to quickly negotiate any potential salary offers.   Your Technical Resume Is an Interview Asset A great technical resume does more than just get you […]

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