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Data insight from Business Intelligence and Analytics

Analytics implementation that brings value to your business data story

Your business collects and generates data at an astonishing speed and quantity. It has a story to tell that can thrust you ahead of the competition and increase profits several times over. A Business Intelligence (BI) implementation generates exceptional outcomes within many areas including marketing, supply chain optimization, customer loyalty, finance, and embedded analytics. A BI tool brings the most value to companies who employ it to follow trends, search for and fix outlier issues, and make business discoveries.

A close partnership brings results.

In collaboration with a CorSource business intelligence team we first help you understand the value your company can receive from BI tools, develop a strategic overview of your business goals and processes, identify key performance indicators (KPI) that help drive your business understanding, and establish expectations of what resources and changes will be required for success. Then, we begin the platform implementation and deployment process. When implementation begins we focus on the area of your business where you can achieve the quickest and largest return on your investment, and expand into your company processes from there.

Your CorSource consultants include project managers, business analysts, data modelers, and BI architects. This team guides your company through a quick project completion that returns value in a matter of weeks vs. years. You and your designated users will have the tool in hand as early as four weeks into the process.

Implementation is just the beginning.

Over time we work with you to refine the analytics tool to best meet your growing and changing needs. Typically, after our clients begin using the business intelligence tools they discover novel and valuable ways to further enhance their data analytics efforts, and need more support from our teams. Because CorSource retains a full suite of services, should anything arise in your business where you need more technical expertise, we have you covered for software development and technical staffing.

As a platform agnostic company (we don’t sell software licenses), CorSource helps you decide on the best tool for your situation, and specializes in a growing number of tools.

Embedded Analytics

In addition to working with companies on Business Intelligence, we also help software vendors and organizations with user and customer-facing Embedded Analytics. By embedding analytics into existing systems, users receive analytics inside of the platform they are accustomed to using.

Business Intelligence vendor partners


Real time data integration hosted in the cloud or a private environment. Known for excellent customer satisfaction and ease of deployment. Named 2013 Birst Partner of The Year, CorSource consultants are certified with Birst Platform Certification for a complete 360 degree knowledge of the tools. CorSource is a Birst Champion Partner.

 Data RPM 

Known for natural language search for data analysis.


Real time data integration hosted in the cloud or a private environment. Known for public-facing data applications that can be white-labeled.

A business intelligence tool that’s part of a larger business operations tool set to run an entire organization.

Information about the data streams that inform and power your Business Intelligence.

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