The Source Top 5 – August

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August, 2014

Here’s the monthly installment of The Source Top 5, where CorSource brings you the best items we discovered this month in the world of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Enjoy!

(1) Download The Big Data Analytics Deep Dive
For those in the IT set comes this in depth look at Big Data and what it takes from personnel and infrastructure to succeed. Big Data initiatives are big, which is why we often tell our customers to start with the data they have basic control over first, internal systems, then go for the Holy Grail. Go!

(2) Data Discovery vs. BI
Business Intelligence and Data Discovery providers are in a bit of a battle creating confusion for the consumer. This post helps to clear some of the air, from a BI perspective. In addition to this, you can learn more about these two methodologies on our blog. Read it!

(3) Data-Driven Medicine
The applications for Business Intelligence, or as we sometimes say “Data-Intelligence” is nearly endless. This article explores how machine learning can be used to rapidly analyze patient scans and medical records, and drive towards quicker data-informed diagnoses. Drive!

(4) Change, It’s Hard
This white paper from Forbes explores the challenges to major corporate transformation, and provides tips to better approaches for success. When organizations implement Business Intelligence, it transforms the way people work and without a plan to support that change adoption can be hindered. Transformational Change: What Works—and What Can Doom the Initiative

(5) A Little Data from The Ice Bucket Challenge
The greatest viral fundraising phenomenon of this decade is beginning to wane, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still take a look at the data. Facebook showed off their visual map of challenge originations around the country. And a quick look at Topsy analytics shows that “ice bucket” peaked on Twitter at nearly 1.3M tweets on August 21, and as of today there have been close to 9.2M tweets. We can only imagine the data on ice cube sales during this period.