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CorSource engages a three-phased application modernization process to work across your existing software estate and within your budget.

In the Assessment phase, we dive deep into your current assets to develop your long-term roadmap to their modernization. From there, we conduct a migration strategy workshop–taking into consideration your roadmap, your budget, and a proof-of-concept realization–which allows for a modernization phase-in over time. In the Migration Services phase, we implement the strategy to optimize your business performance. And in the Managed Services phase, we continuously optimize the implemented strategy for efficiency and security using enhancements and improvements as new technology develops.

Transform your existing software into modern applications

Since 1994 and cross countless projects, CorSource has reduced R&D costs for businesses like yours by an average of 36% across a multitude of applications, industries, and customer requirements. Such results are achieved through our unique ability to blend consulting, technical execution, and staffing. This holistic view of your needs, especially as they pertain to application modernization, allows us to provide you skilled experts with the technical and delivery knowledge necessary for all your software projects.

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