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Are Soft Skills Holding Back Your Technology Career Advancement?

15-Second Overview: Studies prove that hiring managers in IT desire soft skills as much as hard skills Key skills include communication, prioritization, and leadership IT pros who focus on refining these abilities can stand out from other tech candidates   As a tech professional, your skill set is highly valued. You’ve got impressive IT certifications, hands-on experience with tech projects, and a background drenched in innovation. But when it comes to your career, that’s only half the picture.   Consider that 67% of HR professionals withhold job offers from qualified IT candidates when they lack soft skills. Sure, unemployment rates […]

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The 2019 IT Certifications That Will Boost Your Career

Ready to enhance your skill set, beat resume-scanning ATS systems, and land coveted interviews or promotions? As you seek to manage and advance your tech career, consider pursuing the following 2019 IT certifications based on your niche or career level.   Cloud Certifications Whether a business wishes to transition to the cloud for the first time or wants to upgrade their cloud presence, they need the talent that can make it happen efficiently and safely. That’s why employer interest in candidates with cloud skills has risen 33% in just three years. To hone your cloud skills, consider: AWS Certified Solutions […]

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What Does Portland’s Technology Skills Shortage Mean for Your Career?

15-Second Overview: There’s a distinct technology skills shortage in Portland affecting IT careers of every kind Companies are adapting their hiring strategies and roles to secure the talent they need Tech pros must adapt accordingly, and that often includes seeking out consulting roles   IT roles have drastically outnumbered the qualified tech pros who can fill them for so long that it’s become an easy subject to tune out. Yes, Portland’s technology skills shortage means more opportunity for professionals such as yourself, but progressing your career within this climate is much more complex than that. To thrive in today’s new […]

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