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What Trends in Data and Business Intelligence Mean for Your Hiring

15-Second Overview: Several data and BI initiatives are being adopted at increasing rates These include data quality management, automation, edge computing, and more A bigger need for talent in these areas amplifies the skills shortage and forces companies to adapt their hiring strategies There are certain topics in the IT industry that are always making waves. Big data and business intelligence initiatives are two areas that business leaders are especially interested in, given the sheer potential for improvements they can bring to any company. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in these areas along with what it all means […]

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Is Your Cloud Leaking Data? Consider These Best Practices for Monitoring Your Cloud

15-Second Overview: Constantly monitoring the cloud environment is a requirement for modern businesses Creating incident response plans and backing up data play key roles in that process Attending to updates, patches, and bug fixes may be the most important step for long-term cloud success It isn’t an easy feat to properly migrate to the cloud, but setting up your new environment is only half the battle. Technology changes over time and needs maintenance. Vulnerabilities are discovered, and they need patching. Software requires updating. Then, of course, hackers become more sophisticated with new and robust tools that penetrate networks like never […]

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Are Soft Skills Holding Back Your Technology Career Advancement?

15-Second Overview: Studies prove that hiring managers in IT desire soft skills as much as hard skills Key skills include communication, prioritization, and leadership IT pros who focus on refining these abilities can stand out from other tech candidates   As a tech professional, your skill set is highly valued. You’ve got impressive IT certifications, hands-on experience with tech projects, and a background drenched in innovation. But when it comes to your career, that’s only half the picture.   Consider that 67% of HR professionals withhold job offers from qualified IT candidates when they lack soft skills. Sure, unemployment rates […]

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