Pragmatic + Collaborative Solutions

We understand the challenges organizations face in addressing technology issues: How to maximize the potential of your business through people and technology

Trusted Advisors

We respect our clients’ individual cultures and know they are extremely successful executing on their core competencies. However, no business in the world has all the expertise they need in-house and must sometimes turn to their consulting partners for counsel. Within our defined areas of expertise we offer pragmatic, collaborative advice and attempt to be unbiased, trusted advisors in every interaction we have with our clients.

We Listen

We approach every client interaction with an open mind and no preconceived notions about solutions before we truly understand the problem our client is trying to solve.

We provide unbiased insights

We’ll share what we’ve learned through helping clients address similar issues and can often connect you with peers wrestling with similar problems in addition to providing our own insights and counsel.

We Invest in Our Relationships

In many cases, we’ll be able to offer exactly the solution a client needs using in-house resources with deep functional expertise. In other situations, we may help you source the right skill sets to meet short-term needs and solve long-term resource issues. In some instances, we’ll refer you to other service providers who are better suited to helping solve a particular issue. We want our clients to turn to us for counsel again and again and to know we’ll always prioritize our long-term relationships over immediate business opportunity.

We’re in it for the long haul

Whether deploying a CorSource team, providing an individual resource, or referring you to the right solution provider, we’ll be an attentive and collaborative partner throughout.

10 Reasons to Work with CorSource Consulting

  1. 1. A consultative approach to problem-solving
  2. 2. Unbiased counsel
  3. 3. Access to our extensive network of clients and collaborators
  4. 4. A flexible, pragmatic approach tailored to your culture
  5. 5. A spectrum of resource options – CorSource teams, individual contributors, and sourcing assistance
  1. 6. Knowledgeable, local in-house resources
  2. 7. Our investment in the long-term welfare of our clients
  3. 8. Our deep insights into the marketplace
  4. 9. Our commitment to the business values of the Pacific Northwest
  5. 10. Our diverse and balanced workforce provides fresh ideas and new perspectives

The CorSource Difference

We approach every opportunity to assist our clients with an open mind, and the desire to offer practical, flexible, cost-effective solutions to business and technology issues.

Local Expertise

Our in-house Consultants average over 20 years of experience and hold standard industry certifications. We always work with our client’s management team to ensure close collaboration and mitigate the risks of miscommunication.

Mature Methodology

Our consulting approach balances established methodology with pragmatic deployment. We want to ensure that our proposed solutions will find success within each client’s unique landscape. Every organization is not the same, and there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution.


Based on specific project requirements and timelines, CorSource can typically assemble consulting teams within two weeks.

Consulting Focus Areas

Consulting provides our customers a strategy and then the opportunity to utilize other CorSource services like Staffing or Development services.

Technology Assessment

The CorSource Consulting and Advisory Services team is able to provide informal marketplace insights, counsel on buy vs. build decisions, and assistance with formal system selections when appropriate, helping guide our clients through complex decisions that may have a significant impact on their business.

Agile Process Consulting

We have pioneered a hybrid agile methodology that has a proven track record in Enterprise Production Environments. Our Agile experts can help implement a process to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of projects within organizations with diverse cultures and needs.

Agile Global Resource Management

As Pioneers of a proprietary Off-Shore Agile Model utilizing a combination of on and off-shore resources, we have the capability and experience to provide custom teams that meet the needs of our diverse portfolio of clients.

Data Governance/Data Management Consulting

Our data engineers are skilled at working in close collaboration with our clients’ internal teams to help organizations assess the quality of their data and better understand how to utilize it to meet their strategic business goals.

Business Intelligence

As an organization better understands their data capabilities and needs, we can help choose, implement, and use the tools and processes which help senior leaders utilize that data to guide strategic business decisions.

Strategic Resource Management

We help our clients assess their technology team effectiveness. We can provide discrete resources as appropriate to address bandwidth and competency gaps within both maturing and established, complex technology organizations.

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