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CorSource Announces New Ownership and Downtown Portland Headquarters, Introduces New ‘Staffing Lifecycle Management’ Framework to Help Tech Firms Manage the Talent Economy

by CorSource on November 7, 2017 in Staffing Lifecycle Management

CorSource enters new chapter as a leader in tech talent and staffing throughout the Pacific Northwest

Portland, OR, Nov. 8, 2017 – CorSource (, provider of integrated talent, staffing and development services, today announced new ownership and the introduction of Staffing Lifecycle Management, a new, freely available process framework that aligns technology staffing and contract services to better meet business objectives. In addition, Andrew Hermann, the company’s president since 2014, heads up an ownership group that has acquired majority interest in CorSource, one of Portland’s longest active staffing firms that was founded in 1994 as ProDx. Terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed.

“I am excited for this opportunity to take CorSource to its next chapter of success, and for the wonderful ownership group that supported me as president and now as an owner of the company,” said Hermann. “With the introduction of our new Staffing Lifecycle Management industry approach, CorSource will continue its customer and industry leadership as technology-enabled firms look for new ways to manage changing talent requirements and workforce dynamics.”

CorSource provides a mix of talent, staffing and development services to help companies of all types best leverage their technology talent resources. It developed the Staffing Lifecycle Management approach to help technology-driven organizations embrace and benefit from the burgeoning Talent Economy – where a mix of contract, direct hire and outside resources are used to meet today’s modern, highly fluid business requirements.

A New Approach to the Ever-changing Talent Economy

While CorSource supports Staffing Lifecycle Management through its services, the company developed the process framework to help advance and contribute to the evolution of the overall staffing industry through more strategic thinking and collaboration. The company has published a “Staffing Lifecycle Management Process Guide,” now available for download at:

“Staffing Lifecycle Management represents a new, much-needed approach to traditional technology staffing through integrated planning, talent management, visibility and empowerment of both internal teams and external workers,” said Hermann. “With the growth of the ‘Talent Economy,’ and a drive for more flexibility from organizations and people alike, we are pleased to offer our best collective thinking to advance both our customers’ success and to contribute to the success of our industry.”

One of the key drivers of the framework is the Talent Economy – where organizations increasingly use a mix of direct hire employees, contract workers and technical services to meet increasing technology demands. Its rise aligns with the growing shortage and high costs of technical talent, an increasingly mobile and independent workforce, and a maturing digital age where freelancers and employees alike opt for shorter-term jobs and projects – where and when they want them.

“Staffing Lifecycle Management promotes an interconnected process for acquiring direct hires and contractors, and leveraging development services through a lifecycle process that removes operational silos and connects all stakeholders using an agile approach,” said Raine Lunke, director of staffing for CorSource. “It also ensures all external service providers and staffing resources are aligned to boost business performance and meet top-line goals.”

The “Staffing Lifecycle Management Process Guide” provides context around major industry trends impacting organizations of all types and sizes, and articulates CorSource’s unique industry views and vision for the future. It provides a step-by-step guide for improving operational efficiencies, empowering better decision-making, promoting collaboration and innovation, and delivering more value to organizations and the people that make them successful.

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CorSource offers integrated talent, staffing and development services to power the emerging Talent Economy. It helps customers plan and map strategies that align technology talent to business objectives through a blend of technical talent sourcing – including in-house and/or contracted employees, or outside services. This approach to tech talent services represents a new era for the staffing industry – where quality, speed and cost-effectiveness are blended with strategic execution to address the seismic shifts facing technology organizations today. For the people it places or employs, CorSource offers modern, multi-faceted and highly flexible talent management perks that are vital to the satisfaction of an increasingly independent and mobile workforce. To learn more please visit

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