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CorSource’s Commitment to You During a Worldwide Crisis

by Andrew Hermann on March 24, 2020 in CorSource, Tech Industry

These may feel like uncertain times, but it’s occasions like this that provide opportunities to come together and support each other. Given our expertise, the way that CorSource can best help organizations wading through today’s murky waters is to do what we do best. Here are the ways we can help your business during this difficult time.


Contingent Labor

In short, CorSource can provide you with talent for any position in any industry at any time. Perhaps you have employees who cannot work for several weeks. Maybe your office is shut down and productivity has slowed down. If you’re shorthanded, we can help quickly. Contingent labor will help get your business through a difficult time by providing expertise in any position you need. Our team of recruiters is here to help.


Business Continuity

Most business owners remain hopeful that the brunt of this storm will pass in a matter of weeks. However, a wait-and-see approach can be outright dangerous. CorSource wants to ensure the continuity of your business during times like these. While disaster planning is an important part of that, it’s also our goal to enable your operations during and after any type of disaster. If you are concerned about capacity limitations on your virtual private networks or shortages in cybersecurity or help desk support, then CorSource can help. We will take the pressure off by quickly spinning off a distributed team for you within an average of one to two weeks.


CorSource Solutions

With many employees working remotely or quarantined due to COVID-19, numerous companies are now vulnerable to security risks as well as connectivity and collaboration challenges. CorSource has put together a series of quick solutions and tools to address these issues. All of these are important to have in place even after your employees are allowed to come back to work in your office.

 1)  Endpoint Management, Including AntiVirus, AntiMalware, AntiRansomware, Anti Phishing, and Personal Firewall.

CorSource can recommend industry best practices and highly respected systems like CrowdStrike while providing implementation and ongoing support of all of the above. Additionally, we offer managed services to quickly deploy agents and people support without reboot, which means we can quickly uncover unprotected endpoints and servers in a domain. Regardless of where your employees are located, these agents will monitor your systems in the office and at remote locations.

 2) Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Companies need to have Adaptive Multifactor Authentication engaged when their systems are accessed remotely to make sure they are not compromised. This leads to the question: who are you and what should you have access to? IAM takes a little longer to deploy, but if you have questions, we have answers.

 3) Privileged Access Management (PAM)

PAM allows your systems administrators secure access to your servers and most valued data. CorSource can implement tools to help you enforce strict controls that protect your company’s intellectual property. We can get this done quickly, which will help you ensure the security of your systems and data.

 4) VPN Capacity

Many companies had not planned to have all of their employees working from home at the same time. Our architects can provide you with innovative solutions to ensure VPN capacity does not hinder your employee productivity.

 5) Collaboration Tools

CorSource can help identify, recommend, and quickly implement collaboration tools to help increase your workforce productivity.

 6) Short- or Long-Term Managed Services

CorSource can leverage our remote and/or global managed services team to help you keep your network up and running efficiently. Ask us how to utilize our services so you can focus on your core business.


Our Commitment to Your Business

In an instant, the work methods and locations of your employees have changed. CorSource can help you navigate through the challenges you are facing today. These solutions are critical to have in place even when everything returns to normal. Contact us at any time to schedule an introductory call to find out how we can help you with one or all of the above challenges.


We’re always here for you, whether you need one of our services or just want to talk. Reach out to us here.