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CorSource, the Talent Economy and Staffing Lifecycle Management – Our Next Chapter

by Andrew Hermann on November 7, 2017 in Staffing Lifecycle Management

For those of us working within the “talent” industry, we all have firsthand experience in how change and adaptability are constants every day. The world is changing fast, and the staffing industry is no different.

Changing workplace dynamics, advanced technology, and a new age of younger, more gig-oriented employees, have made talent management a vital strategic initiative for all companies that rely on technology to drive business value.

It’s no longer about filling headcount and “staffing up” for projects. Planning and managing talent strategies holistically to meet business requirements is crucial and, at the same time, as challenging as it has ever been.

As our industry evolves, I am pleased that CorSource grows as well. I am so excited that we, as a company, are never satisfied to just “stay abreast” of continuous change. We strive to get ahead of the curve, and to help lead through fresh ideas and advancements of our own.

With the era of the Talent Economy upon us, I am thrilled to introduce a significant new CorSource leadership initiative: “Staffing Lifecycle Management.” Having stepped back and looked at the industry dynamics affecting us all, we developed Staffing Lifecycle Management as a new approach to traditional technology staffing – through integrated planning, talent management, visibility and empowerment of both internal teams and external workers.

This new approach, which is freely available, is outlined in our original Staffing Lifecycle Management guide-paper that lays out industry trends, connected and new thinking, and a nine-step process for embracing and winning in the Talent Economy. You can download the paper here.

Staffing Lifecycle Management is not a direct service offering, although we do support its tenets, but our contribution to an industry that has and will continue to deliver value to tech-driven organizations. The key driver for the framework is the Talent Economy – where organizations increasingly use a mix of direct hire employees, contract workers and technical services to meet increasing technology demands. Its rise aligns with the growing shortage and high costs of technical talent, an increasingly mobile and independent workforce, and a maturing digital age where freelancers and employees alike opt for shorter-term jobs and projects – where and when they want them.

At CorSource we provide a mix of talent, staffing and development services to help companies of all types best leverage their technology talent resources. That experience, and working with fantastic customers, helped shape Staffing Lifecycle Management to help meet today’s modern, highly fluid business requirements.

At CorSource we never sit still. We think, and we think big. We believe in the value staffing brings to all companies that are technology driven. With Staffing Lifecycle Management, we invite you to think big as well.

Download the paper and let us know what you think. We would love your feedback and, most importantly, hope this new approach helps you think of new ways your organization can not only adapt to the Talent Economy, but thrive!