Custom Development Solutions

We balance process and pragmatism. Whether partnering with our clients on large projects, or providing a Virtual Bench, CorSource’s proven methodology and customized approach to service delivery fits our clients’ specific culture and needs.

Hitting All the Right Notes

On every development project, certain “notes” must be hit every single time to help ensure success. CorSource is dedicated to executing on these projects the right way, every time. Our process is consistent, our methodology is sound, and we can always be counted on to ‘do the right thing’ in partnering with our clients. This is the CorSource promise.

  1. Excellent Up-Front Client Engagement: many companies will focus on winning the work at the expense of defining a quality project. CorSource’s honest, proactive customer engagement as a project is being defined is second to none.
  2. Investment in Requirements Definition: Often, organizations cut corners on up-front business analysis in order to reduce costs. We are dedicated to ALWAYS ensuring we have a robust common understanding with our clients before the work commences.
  3. A Mature and Customized Approach to Resource Engagement: We build the right team for each customer. Utilizing our internal consulting staff, our ability to augment that staff with a network of experts and executors, and our Global Development Center in Hanoi, Vietnam we build each team as appropriate to meet an individual client’s needs.
  4. Top-Notch Technical Project Management: Often, technical project managers are better at communicating with their teams than they are the client. We invest heavily in our people to ensure that projects are led with a mature and consistent approach to communication from start to finish.

10 Reasons to Trust CorSource Development Services

  1. 1. Superior client engagement
  2. 2. Thorough business analysis and requirements definition
  3. 3. Fast ramp up times
  4. 4. Customized solutions working within customer budget constraints
  5. 5. Excellent resource management and retention
  1. 6. Top-notch project management
  2. 7. Excellent communication and issue resolution
  3. 8. Progressive approach to Agile Development in a distributed development model
  4. 9. Sincere partnership
  5. 10. First-Rate Account Management

CorSource was chosen as the ideal partner to deliver the innovative technology our global FinTech client was looking to implment.

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