Increase the effectiveness of cyber security training by 75%

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Innovation in cybersecurity with behavioral science. We transform your company’s cybersecurity culture from fear to hope by empowering employees with an understanding of how their online behavior impacts their cybersecurity risk.

We identify each individual’s particular risk/rule profile specific to types of potential cybersecurity attacks and with our education and training program, boosting confidence within leadership and employee teams. Give your employees the right tools to fight against threats and protect your organization.

With our CyberconIQ partnership, you get research-based proprietary solutions for proven results.

● Project & Initiative Management
● Project Communications Plan & Execution
● Organization Mapping
● Test Activation & Real-Time Completion Reporting
● Test Closeout, Final Reporting & CSV File Collection
● Style-Aligned Learning Portal & Organization Development Strategy
● Custom Style-Aligned Training Materials

Reduce your organization’s risk through employee on-the-job behavior today.

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See how CorSource used their staffing and consulting expertise to recruit senior security professionals.

Feel confident with our full suite of cybersecurity services.

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