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We offer technical expertise in new and emerging technologies that enable our clients to get a first-mover advantage and optimize their return on investment today. We currently work with clients to solve a variety of challenges using the latest technologies available, including:

  • Leverage AI for better insights
  • Secure applications using blockchain
  • Deploy IOT applications in the cloud
  • Modernize applications away from 3-tier architectures

Our clients count on us and our experience to take advantage of emerging technologies and ensure they can deliver on their needs. We are diligent in understanding the needs of our clients and their projects, helping us match them with the appropriate technologies. We also take great care to lend a healthy dose of skepticism and pragmatism towards every new technology we evaluate. This is why our clients rely on us for their most innovative ideas.

We are currently incubating the following emerging technologies and have access to world-class experts as well as insights on how best to leverage them in your upcoming projects.


Analytics and Business Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning
Deep Learning (DL)


Software Development Competencies
Internet of Things (IoT)
Containers & Kubernetes
Service Discovery
Predictive Fraud Detection

Our clients rely on us to steer them in the right direction and select the best emerging technologies to meet their needs.

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