Efficiently Adapt to a SaaS Deployment Model

Lowered costs. Improved scalability. Easier upgrades. With so many distinct benefits for businesses, the proliferation of a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model has accelerated at a breakneck pace in the last decade. It has become the preferred means to deliver software and has all but eclipsed traditional on-premise software deployments.

As a result, many companies seek to transition their existing software and make it SaaS-ready. This often involves having to modernize the application and its underlying infrastructure. The growing common wisdom is to use Azure or AWS as the target cloud to deploy and deliver SaaS applications, further complicating the technical landscape and increasing the demand for talent.

Accelerate SaaS Migration

SaaS initiatives are not to be taken lightly, requiring decades of development experience. That’s exactly what the CorSource team has under their belt. We help clients identify the best architecture and recruit new employees or find contract-to-hire resources. At the same time, we optimize and tune current SaaS applications while delivering expert advice on utilizing Azure and AWS. That’s how CorSource clients enjoy accelerated migration of their current applications to SaaS deployment models.

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