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Strategies for Hiring in Tech: There Are More Options Than You Think

by Andrew Hermann on May 9, 2018 in Hiring Trends, Technical Staffing

15-Second Overview:

  • Hiring in IT is often approached with a one-track mind that further complicates matters
  • Considering all options for filling a role such as permanent, contract, outsourced labor, and more is how the most successful companies hire in tech
  • A holistic approach that determines the right combination for your company is the solution


Hiring is perhaps the most important activity for any company. Without robust talent acquisition that can keep roles fully staffed, even the best ideas and business goals cannot come to fruition. Many organizations are especially dependent on tech pros who are harder and harder to locate and recruit. So why is it the case that hiring managers will often approach strategies for hiring in tech with a reactive mentality rather than a holistic, proactive one? Many box themselves into one option for filling an open role when, in fact, they one or more alternatives could be better.


Planning Before Acting

It’s understandable; an employee leaves and hiring becomes a mad dash to find someone for the position. After all, the tech industry evolves at a breakneck speed, and the longer a role is vacant the further productivity drops as other team members shoulder additional responsibilities. But rushing cuts corners. Those who act before really looking at the full gravity of the situation often find themselves in dire positions. They might end up hiring someone unqualified and unvetted, or just as bad, get stuck waiting three months for that perfect permanent tech pro to come along. Either situation produces more problems than it solves, showcasing the need for a full review of all available options for hiring in technology.


Modern Options in the Modern Talent Economy

Today, there are more options for hiring a technology professional than ever before:

  • Permanent hire
  • Contract
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Outsourcing
  • Offshoring
  • Internal promotion


No single option is the “right” one across the board. Each alternative has its place depending on the type of position and unique company environment. Understanding that there are several ways to scale your hiring needs is key to success. Of course, this isn’t an easy task. The mentality that there’s a perfect candidate somewhere out there ready to see their career through at your organization is an old-school one that is far from accurate in 2018.


For an example, consider cybersecurity professionals, 87% of whom did not begin their careers in security but rather moved into the niche and were trained in the role. The skills shortage in cybersecurity alone is huge and still growing, with a gap of 1.8 million cybersecurity workers expected by 2022. Businesses understand it’s harder to find that perfect candidate and are focusing on training to create the ideal candidate as a result. Likewise, cybersecurity professionals recognize the state of the Talent Economy and are increasingly opting to become contractors/freelancers. Companies with the best IT recruitment strategies recognize this happening in a number of niches and are altering their hiring mentalities accordingly.


A Strategic and Holistic Approach

The big picture has never been more important. Viewing hiring as a holistic process through a strategy such as Staffing Lifecycle Management is necessary for understanding what your options for hiring a tech pro are and what combination is best for your business. Consider:


  • Which roles are the bread and butter of your company? Those roles and their related business objectives may be best served through traditional permanent hires.
  • What limited-run projects do you run throughout the year? Contractors with niche skill sets may be the best answer there.
  • What about when you simply need help, when appropriately vetting candidates becomes overwhelming? The answer could be outsourcing to a trusted staffing company.


Strategies for Hiring in Tech

One-third of tech pros are looking to change jobs during 2018. While on one hand that presents an opportunity to recruit and hire them, it also showcases the problem of retention in the technology industry. The employment market in IT is a volatile one that can cause headaches for any hiring manager. By achieving a holistic approach to hiring in tech, any business can rise above the chaos and enjoy fewer vacant roles, increased productivity, and better overall success.


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