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Are Soft Skills Holding Back Your Technology Career Advancement?

15-Second Overview: Studies prove that hiring managers in IT desire soft skills as much as hard skills Key skills include communication, prioritization, and leadership IT pros who focus on refining these abilities can stand out from other tech candidates   As a tech professional, your skill set is highly valued. You’ve got impressive IT certifications, hands-on experience with tech projects, and a background drenched in innovation. But when it comes to your career, that’s only half the picture.   Consider that 67% of HR professionals withhold job offers from qualified IT candidates when they lack soft skills. Sure, unemployment rates […]

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Staffing Lifecycle Management: A New Framework for the Talent Economy

Executive Overview The world of talent recruitment, acquisition, and management is one of constant change and increasing complexity. Facing a hyper-competitive business environment, organizations are presented with the challenge of scaling their workforces at speed, while also maintaining a high level of quality and productivity. Furthermore, businesses are also expected to adopt new technology and adapt in real-time to global business conditions by hiring top-level technology talent to lead the charge.   But sourcing, acquiring, and retaining talent has never been more challenging. With approximately 75 million “baby boomers” on the cusp of retirement, and a new wave of highly […]

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